Taste Design

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, founded in 2004 by Patti Watson, is a multi-disciplinary design firm known for creating well-considered, finely crafted interiors for yachts, coastal residences and historic homes.  Our seasoned designers consistently collaborate with fellow high-caliber design and build professionals to deliver exceptional value to our clients.  The result is expertly designed and coordinated interiors, for generations to come.

See our work in the gallery of photos and read on for excerpts from a recent New England Home interview with Patti Watson.

What brought you to design?
Patti: I first came to design in part due to my love of color and the decoration of space. Over the last 13 years I have built an interiors practice engaged with far more than décor.  We focus on the life changes that motivate clients to remake the most fundamental and expressive space in their lives: a home. Whether clients are facing empty nests as children leave, or building a new home by the sea, taste brings a wealth of resources and experience to create balanced, future-oriented and respectful interiors. Our best work reflects a process of collaboration, analysis and design at every level from the function and mechanical needs of space to its aesthetic character. Change is what draws us; beauty is what we leave behind.

What is your design philosophy?
Patti: I rely on classical arrangements of rooms, proportion and scale. Then, introduce modern details like layered lighting and sink-into sofas. As a result, our interiors exude a timeless quality and deliver equal parts comfort and function.

What is the most challenging aspect of interior design work?
Patti: On any given day, our designers collaborate with 25-30 different builders, tradespeople and artisans. We need to know enough about each craft to maximize and often stretch its potential while always respecting the limitations. Communication and humility are key.