Paragon Landscape Construction, Inc.

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Paragon Landscape Construction, Inc. is an award winning full service landscape construction company located in southeastern Massachusetts. At Paragon we are committed to the aesthetic integrity of every project and design. Our craftsmanship and strict adherence to performance standards allows us to provide the highest quality in our landscape construction, stonework, plantings, and property maintenance services.

Paragon Landscape Construction, Inc. in collaboration with designers, builders, and clients transforms outdoor spaces into engaging living environments of exceptional quality. Meeting the deadlines of challenging projects with architects and builders, our reputationfor delivering on time and to exacting standards is earned with every project we achieve. From conception through completion, Paragon is committed to all phases of the construction process. Every project reflects our attention to complex details, dedicated work ethic, custom craftsmanship, and quality service.

Our efficient management system, vast resources, and advanced technical knowledge demonstrates the commitment we have made to our clients. We have earned a reputation for being able to execute the most complex and logistically challenging projects. The relationships we have built over the past 25 years are the measure of our success and effectiveness.

Paragon landscapes — Beautiful through the seasons; timeless through the years.