Opus Master Builders

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Opus Master Builders is a Boston-based residential construction firm with over 30 years of experience delivering our clients’ visions with care and craft.

At our core, we are client advocates. Our mission is to empower and educate so you can be engaged throughout the entire project. You can rely on our experience, skill, and proven process to deliver your vision of a beautifully designed, expertly crafted, one-of-a-kind space.

The Opus team and its extended network of skilled artisans, architects, and designers across New England are a passionate force, consistently delivering exceptional and award-winning work / results / projects.

Our process is collaborative, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs, desires, and ideas for the home you wish to create. Whether you’re restoring a historic residence or crafting a modern retreat, Opus will partner with you to create a home that is unique, comfortable and undeniably stunning.

After working with you to create your perfect home, we are here to help you care for and protect it.

Life is busy, dynamic, and ever-changing. Home is your sanctuary – the place where you and your family feel safe, comfortable, and supported.

Opus realizes a house must adapt to the seasons of New England. Specific routines and maintenance protocols ensure your home and its systems function properly throughout the year. With our in-depth understanding of your home’s infrastructure, we take the time to handle these details so you don’t have to.