Olson Twombly Interior Design

Olson Twombly consists of the husband and husband design team of Joe Olson and Clay Twombly. With studios on Nantucket Island and in Connecticut, their firm specializes in luxury residential interiors. Taking into account architecture, color, furnishings, textiles, lighting and art, Olson Twombly offers full service custom design that creates personal narratives expressive of our clients lives and experiences.

Our approach to interior design is founded on the belief that a home should be a reflection of our client’s personality and lifestyle. Creating interiors that combine warmth and sophistication, we ensure that every project embraces a client’s spirit. And in collaborating with fine craftsmen, uncovering exceptional pieces and creating memorable details, our ultimate objective is inmaking our client’s lives more beautiful, their homes more comfortable, and their senses more plentiful.

Although we work with architects in providing the decorative layer for homes, we find that clients often look for our unique offering of both interior architecture in combination with decorative design. Whether it be a new kitchen or bathroom, or reconfiguring interior spaces, our firm can provide the design and direction for all elements of the interior build and design.