Jewett Farms + Co.

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Our design team has years of experience creating beautiful rooms that perfectly reflect your desires and meet the needs of your lifestyle. Our work embodies quality; it complements your personal style and is designed and built to fit seamlessly into your home.

Every design we draw is built by our team of cabinetmakers, putting us in the unique position to be able to build one of a kind custom pieces that simply can’t be found elsewhere.

The JF design process is built on collaboration and communication, no dream is too big, no detail too small. Whether you’re working side by side with one of our designers in New England, or remotely from anywhere in the US via our well-tuned communications pathways, our design team are your partners in this journey.

A Jewett Farms + Co. kitchen is built specifically for you, without the limits of pre-set designs. We can create your dream kitchen, combining your inspiration and our experience.


In 1999, Jewett Farms + Co was started with a sole craftsman whose goal was to build the kind of cabinetry that would last a lifetime. Since then, much has changed including the number of craftsmen and the size of our cabinet shop but our commitment to excellence remains. We have an extremely high construction quality standard that is required from each and every one of our craftsmen. Attention to detail is paramount to a high quality, handcrafted product.

Our ethos of craftsmanship is the backbone of who we are and how we build things. We see ourselves as philosophically different from those who build mass-produced products. There will never be an assembly line at Jewett Farms + Co. Each cabinet is constructed from start to finish by a single cabinetmaker, who has spent their career developing those skills. Our drawers and doors are hand fitted and hand sanded, not because it’s the fastest way, but because it is the best way.

Each piece of our cabinetry is crafted from raw materials that we source with individualized attention. We believe that true beauty lies in the details, and we take great pains to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

Jewett Farms + Co is deliberately different. Our approach to constructing cabinetry begins and ends with quality and respect for our craft.


Every Jewett Farms project is finished to allow the beauty of the cabinetry to emerge. The lovely details of different wood species shine though with the perfect stain or a simple natural topcoat. Our finishes can be sleek and modern or quietly traditional but will always allow the wood to speak for itself. Our finish team is equipped to handle any color or stain you desire. We mix all the colors in-house so we are sure to find the perfect match for your taste. Whether your cabinetry will be hand painted, sprayed or custom glazed, every piece receives personalized care and attention.

Our skilled crew is dedicated to creating the perfect finish while limiting the environmental impact. For many years we have been using water-based finishes and have worked hard to find brands that are both environmentally safe and extremely high quality. Using such products has an ongoing impact; our employees are safe from harmful fumes during finishing, our clients do not need to worry about any off-gassing into their homes and we eliminate the need for hazardous waste removal and disposal.


We’ve come a long way from our first rented shop space to the JF cabinet shop in York, Maine. It is here where all our work is crafted by the Jewett Farms team using traditional techniques and modern equipment.

Our 27,000 square foot building is a woodworkers dream. Inside is a light-filled cabinet shop where each cabinetmaker has their own bench and ample space to work. Our finish area has a separate prep space and two well-ventilated spray booths. All our finished work is housed in a climate controlled staging area before it ships out from one of our two loading docks. The JF shop is thoughtfully laid out and houses the modern technology that allows our cabinet makers to focus on their craft.

The shop is a bastion of modern conveniences in a beautiful rural setting. Sitting on 8 acres of wooded land in York, Maine we often see deer visiting our apple trees (and startling the turkeys). We are located somewhat off the beaten path which is just how we like it.
We invite you to schedule a visit to see our team in action, take a tour, view samples and get an understanding of our culture. We love to walk people around our shop and show, in person, what makes JF truly special.


Visit the Jewett Farms + Co. showroom in the heart of the innovation and design district in Boston. The Boston Design Center is home to some of the most luxurious interior design studios in the country. The Design Center is open to the public and our showroom staff would love to share our space with you.

Our showroom is a space for inspiration. Each display has been created to show a different idea of an aesthetic or a design element that might be right for you. Our goal is to engage your passion and be the spark to ignite your design dreams.


None of what we do would be possible without each and every member of our team. From sales to design and construction to installation, these are the men and women who make the cabinets of your dreams a reality. We are so fortunate to work with a team of individuals who care about the high caliber of their work and who invest their time and energy into learning and improving their skills.

At its core, our goal is that the team is happy and fulfilled in what they do and that we continue to offer them the opportunity to develop their skills. Many of our team have been with us for years, some are new to the trade, all are committed to their work and are people we enjoy working with.