Fòssięl Inc.

Millions of Years in The Making.

Blending together our love of far-flung travel, design, nature and entrepreneurship, we formed Fòssięl to make the highest end petrified wood readily available in the design markets of the Americas.  

Fòssięl brings hyper-unique flavor and rare semi-precious materials to the interior design, exterior landscape, furniture & building materials industries for the first time. Few in this world have had the vision to bring this to market. Our vision is now your reality.

Petrified wood is formed over millions of years as the organic material in prehistoric trees turns to stone.  We hand select this exquisite raw material in the Southeast Asian Islands and various other countries around the globe. Our materials are used in the home decor, interior design, exterior landscape design, furniture and building materials markets.

Our goal is to make our customer’s vision a reality while offering incredibly rare and sui generis flavor.  As we travel, we are continuously on the hunt for new and progressive raw materials in which we can create and refine into decadent pieces of statement art. We are originators and work direct at the source to bring you the finest quality products at the market’s most competitive prices.