Boston Art

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Boston Art has collaborated on New England’s award-winning designs for nearly two decades sourcing and commissioning artwork to help organizations and individuals create dynamic environments and achieve a comprehensive vision for their space.

If you’re a designer working with a new client or someone you‘ve designed multiple homes for, we understand that selecting artwork for a private collection takes compassionate guidance and time—things you don’t always have while juggling every other aspect of a project. Enter Boston Art. We partner with designers and architects or work directly with collectors. Our contemporary gallery-showroom with a diverse, rotating collection of over 2,000 pieces makes exploring art options and framing easy. Over the years, we have built relationships with countless independent artists and can aptly navigate the local art scene, making everything you want to see available at our fingertips. We’ll present a curated selection based on preferred style and budget so you can find something for every room in one place.

Our exceptional consulting services are supported by technical know-how and comprehensive capabilities. Boston Art oversees every step of the process, from the initial selection of artwork at a home or in our gallery, to custom framing at our frame facility and the final installation by our expert art handlers. Our goal is to source pieces that complete your vision and fit your lifestyle. Call or email to make an appointment to meet your dedicated art consultant today!

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