Robert Kiener

Five Questions: Andrew Haines

1. You are the MFA’s first conservator of frames. What do you do? I am responsible for the “care and…

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Five Questions: Bill Bivona

(1) Staircase making is a rather specialized trade; how did you get into it? I always wanted to be a furniture maker, but I soon discovered that, to make a living, I had to subsidize my furniture making with other projects,

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Artistry: Sculptor Timothy Horn

There’s a good reason that many people have described Timothy Horn’s sculptural work as “jewel-like.” As the much-traveled, Australian-born artist…

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Mountain Makeover

“Who knew?” asks Kerry Berchem, as she smiles and recalls how the modest renovation she and her husband, Craig Goos,…

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Contemporary Classic in Vermont

After falling in love with and buying what the husband calls “easily one of the most beautiful lots in Vermont,” this New York City–based couple explored every inch of its twenty acres of rolling meadow. They marveled at

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Five Questions: Brad Smith

1. How has home technology changed from the days when it was mostly security related? We’ve come so far! Today’s home technology can integrate everything in a home from lighting to security to heating to

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Lake Effect: Timeless Style on Lake Sunapee

Mike McClung and John Gassett both smile as they recall an early visit to the lot on New Hampshire’s Lake Sunapee where they would soon build a second home for their Boston-based clients. “It was snowing and chilly, and we

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Five Questions: Jeremiah Eck

Boston-based architect, painter, and teacher Jeremiah Eck offers his perspective on the elements of good design. 1. You have said that beauty is

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Robin Mix

Glass Artist Robin Mix

Robin Mix suffers for his art. After giving me a tour of his studio, which occupies half of his nineteenth-century…

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Lucy Dearborn

Five Questions: Lucy Dearborn

1. How did you end up running a lighting showroom and a team of lighting designers?
Maybe it was fate; my initials are L.E.D.! I started selling lighting

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Mike Alidadi

Five Questions: Mike Alidadi

Mike Alidadi, owner of Apadana Fine Rugs, offers suggestions about what to look for when buying, maintaining, and repairing fine carpets and rugs.

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Ted Landsmark

Five Questions: Ted Landsmark

1. You have said that design is failing us. What do you mean by that? There are failures at both the macro and the micro scale. For example, we are not using design to address and mitigate

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Five Questions: Thomas Antonelli

1. In addition to selling your own paintings, you’ve become a collector and seller of what’s known as Tramp art….

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Five Questions: Owners of Town House Finds + Designs

The owners of Darien’s Town House Finds + Designs explain how they have opened and run a successful shop that offers both home decor and women’s

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No Boundaries

As Sarah Amos shows off some of the finished and in-progress colorful abstract prints that fill her barn-like northern Vermont studio, she reflects on how to describe what she does.

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