Tag: New Hampshire

Tony Cappoli White clapboard and brick house

Made to Order

Having parted with most of their furniture when they moved from Atlanta, they were in search of a designer who was...

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New Hampshire lakefront garden

A Growing Concern

All too often, landscape designers are brought on board after the fact. After the land is stripped of all its trees...

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Leah Woods

Branching Out: Artist Leah Woods

https://www.nehomemag.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/l_woods_09.jpg New Hampshire artist Leah Woods, already acclaimed for her furniture making, is now using her medium to express more-abstract ideas....

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Peter Sandback

Against the Grain

Furniture making may be an age-old craft, but artisans like New Hampshire’s Peter Sandback prove there’s always room for innovation and...

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Carter & Company foyer

Once More to the Lake

Anyone might think, given its 10,000 square feet, that this home’s pre-furnished condition would have been a blessing. The new owners...

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