Nathaniel Reade

Ceramicist Paula Shalan

When Paula Shalan was working on her master’s degree at the Art Institute of Chicago, she found herself preferring to spend time not in the museum of art, but in the museum of natural history. She filled her notebooks with sketches of

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When Worlds Collide

When Brian Reid was in his early thirties, he called in sick to work a lot. “At first it’d be occasionally,” he says. “But after a while, sometimes I’d call in sick on Wednesday

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Contemporary Maine compound landscape

Sounds of Silence

A lot is surprising about the house that JT Bullitt built in Steuben, Maine. Bullitt eats strawberries, huckleberries, and blueberries…

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Christopher P. Williams Architects

The Phoenix

At 6:30 a.m. on a cloudy May morning in 2012, David Frost drove to his job site, same as any…

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Dennis Duffy

Down East Meets Downtown

When the subcontractors walked in they mostly thought this job was crazy, recalls Brian Sleeper. “What the heck is this?”…

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