Maria LaPiana

ZEN Associates

Mastering the Timeless Art of Japanese Design, Indoors and Out

  Imagine living in a home filled with peace and tranquility. In a place where you feel a sense of…

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Shopping for a High-tech Oven, With Tips from the Experts at Monogram

A home oven in the 1700s (if you were lucky to have one) was of the woodfired, beehive variety; the…

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Visit The Local Vault

At a tucked-away warehouse in Bridgeport, treasures hide in plain sight, and everything old is new—to you.

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An Antique House Gets a Fresh Start

Old style meets new substance in the makeover of an early-nineteenth-century home.

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Child’s Play

A Greenwich play space provides kids freedom of movement—and lots of fun.

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Country Chic in Connecticut

Opposites attract in a new home with an old soul in the Litchfield Hills.

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Bath Bliss

Four Connecticut bathrooms showcase sophisticated details.

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Why Hiring a Design Pro May Be the Best Investment You Can Make Today

Great spaces don’t just happen; in the best of times, they’re carefully planned and thoughtfully curated. These days, it’s important…

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Visit a Global Surf House on Martha’s Vineyard

Nina Farmer creates a stylish vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard with a global surf shack vibe.

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family-friendly in wellesley dining room

Family-Friendly in Wellesley

No toile? No problem! That’s what interior designer Tiffany LeBlanc thought to herself when she was asked to…

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A Stately Swampscott Renovation

It’s not overstating it to say that recent events have forever changed the way we view and experience our homes…

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A Historic Home on the Mystic River

A historic home on the Mystic River is revived with respect for the past and an emphasis on the personal.

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chloe winston lighting design cat in showroom

Shop Visit: Chloe Winston Lighting Design

It’s a gutsy idea, going out on your own, especially in an industry that’s changing at the speed of, well…light. On that, Rina DiMarte and …

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Plain Goods New Preston

Shop Visit: Plain Goods

Plain Goods, a 6,000-square-foot gem of an emporium, occupies a picture-perfect building in the heart of New Preston. It sits at the top…

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Andover condo dressing room

Andover Condo Couture

May Doherty has always had an eye for beautiful things. With an artist father and, in her words, a fashionista mother, it’s not surprising…

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