Furniture that Becomes You

October 20, 2014


By Cheryl Katz

A number of factors help to determine the character of a room.

There’s the architectural detail—an ornate molding telegraphing one message, while the lack thereof sending another.

There’s the palette—deep grays invoking a different emotion than all white or sunny yellow.

There’s the window coverings, the choice of fabrics, the carpet.

But perhaps it is the choice of furnishings and lighting that speak the loudest.

If it’s possible to assign traits to inanimate objects it is a certain elegant playfulness that give these anthropomorphic pieces—and, consequently, the rooms they inhabit—so much personality.

It wouldn’t be surprising if guests remarked when entering a room with pieces like these, “This furniture becomes you.”

Paul Mathieu Aria Club Chair
Paul Mathieu, Aria Club Chair

Photo Courtesy of Ralph Pucci International

Chali Table

Chall  Side Table

Photo Courtesy of BDDW

Bram Boo

Bram Boo’s furniture for the entrance of Brussels Parliament

Photo courtesy of Bram Boo

Hedda Torgersen’s Boo Lamp

Courtesy of Hedda Torgersen