Five Questions: Brad Smith

1. How has home technology changed from the days when it was mostly security related? We’ve come so far! Today’s home technology can integrate everything in a home from lighting to security to heating to

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Max Bender

Five Questions: Max Bender

1. Why did Bender expand from a plumbing supply company to offering a range of products for kitchen and bath…

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Five Questions: Eleish Van Breems

1. What’s the attraction of Scandinavian design for you? Rhonda Eleish: Edie and I both grew up with a lot of Scandinavian influences. When

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Five Questions: Jeremiah Eck

Boston-based architect, painter, and teacher Jeremiah Eck offers his perspective on the elements of good design. 1. You have said that beauty is

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Hiring A Contractor: 5 Crucial Tips for Getting it Right

Are you considering hiring a contractor? Any time a home project requires a contractor, a construction company, or a builder, it’s likely one

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Five Questions: Carey Erdman

1. Do you recommend perennials or annuals in a city garden? Every situation is different, but I usually prefer a combination of plants and flowers, both perennials and annuals.

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Douglas Vanderhorn

Five Questions: Architect Douglas VanderHorn

1. What is the enduring attraction of traditionally designed houses? Sometimes old houses make us feel good; they say “warmth, security, and permanence.” People feel comfortable

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Mark Doughty, president of Thoughtforms

Five Questions: Mark Doughty of Thoughtforms

Mark Doughty, president of Thoughtforms custom builders, talks about the new emphasis on science in his industry. 1. How would you define

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Lucy Dearborn

Five Questions: Lucy Dearborn

1. How did you end up running a lighting showroom and a team of lighting designers?
Maybe it was fate; my initials are L.E.D.! I started selling lighting

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Mike Alidadi

Five Questions: Mike Alidadi

Mike Alidadi, owner of Apadana Fine Rugs, offers suggestions about what to look for when buying, maintaining, and repairing fine carpets and rugs.

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Ted Landsmark

Five Questions: Ted Landsmark

1. You have said that design is failing us. What do you mean by that? There are failures at both the macro and the micro scale. For example, we are not using design to address and mitigate

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Five Questions: Thomas Antonelli

1. In addition to selling your own paintings, you’ve become a collector and seller of what’s known as Tramp art….

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Five Questions: Owners of Town House Finds + Designs

The owners of Darien’s Town House Finds + Designs explain how they have opened and run a successful shop that offers both home decor and women’s

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Five Questions: Ryan Newton

How does being the fourth generation to join your family company affect your outlook? My great-grandfather started this business in 1958, with my

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Five Questions: Dawn Carroll

Dawn Carroll, design stone consultant with stone supplier and fabricator Cumar Marble and Granite, discusses trends and developments

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