Five Questions: Jeff Field and Lois MacDonald of Leonards

Jeff Field and Lois MacDonald will tell you a Leonards bed is so much more than the sum of its antique parts.

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Five Questions: Alex Correia of White Star Antiques

Alex Correia, co-owner of White Star Antiques in Provincetown, on the longstanding popularity of the midcentury modern style.

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Five Questions: Steve Feldman with Renovation Angel

Luxury kitchens get a second life thanks to Steve Feldman, founder of the nonprofit Renovation Angel.

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Five Questions: Hasan Jafri of Dover Rug & Home

Hasan Jafri of Massachusetts-based Dover Rug & Home on the joys and challenges of working in a family business.

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Five Questions: Kate Ferguson of Palomino Bazaar

Kate Ferguson, owner of New Canaan’s Palomino Bazaar, explains her unique design aesthetic.

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Five Questions: David Hance of Crosswater London

David Hance, founder of the bathroom fixture and supply firm Crosswater London, talks about the changing face of bathroom design.

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Five Questions: Eric Mauskopf

Eric Mauskopf, president of J. Pocker, explains the vital role custom framing can play in displaying artwork.

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Five Questions: David Manzi of Trefler’s

David Manzi of Trefler’s offers advice on maintaining and preserving your valuable art and furniture.

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Five Questions: Gary Shafran Owner of L&M Custom Carpets and Rugs

Gary Shafran, owner of L&M Custom Carpets and Rugs, on the advantages of being a one-man operation.

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5 Questions: Peter Deane

1. You were originally known as Kitchens by Deane. Why the name change? We have been in business since 1961…

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Five Questions: Jason and Mindy Sevinor

Jason and Mindy Sevinor, the brother-and-sister team from Designer Bath and Salem Plumbing Supply, on the latest in bath and kitchen design.

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Five Questions: Pierre Matta

1. How did you get involved in kitchen design? I have been a general contractor, a cabinet maker, and a…

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Five Questions: Andrew Haines

1. You are the MFA’s first conservator of frames. What do you do? I am responsible for the “care and…

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Five Questions: Karen Bradbury owner of Closet & Storage Concepts

(1) Why might someone need a professional organizer? First and foremost, being disorganized is stressful. People who are juggling careers, raising children, and are very

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Five Questions: Bill Bivona

(1) Staircase making is a rather specialized trade; how did you get into it? I always wanted to be a furniture maker, but I soon discovered that, to make a living, I had to subsidize my furniture making with other projects,

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