Youngblood Builders

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Youngblood Builders specializes in luxury home construction, renovations YB_logoand historic restorations in Eastern Massachusetts. They build and restore exceptional homes of all sizes—including estate projects over 15,000 square feet, with a focus on providing the highest quality construction, craftsmanship and materials. Youngblood Builders always adheres to the best construction practices and processes. They embrace even the most challenging designs, and take great pride in a job well done.

James Youngblood, the Principal at Youngblood Builders, has more than 25 years of luxury homebuilding experience in Massachusetts and Northern California. He has been an independent contractor and a project manager for two prestigious residential construction firms. His project history includes architecturally significant new homes and renovations as well as restorations ranging from San Francisco Victorians to registered historical New England homes. As an independent contractor and owner’s representative, James has worked closely with many discerning, enthusiastic and involved clients and architects, and has applied his building expertise to a wide range of challenging and unique designs.


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