Swenson Granite Works

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Founded by Swedish immigrant John Swenson, Swenson Granite Works has been quarrying and cutting granite in New England since 1883. For over 130 years  the Swenson name has remained synonymous with a steadfast commitment to quality and service. It is this commitment, combined with adaptability in the marketplace, that Swenson Granite credits for its longevity, growth and prosperity. When you purchase granite products from Swenson Granite, you are buying local stone directly from the source.

Swenson Granite utilizes the most advanced granite cutting technology in conjunction with the irreplaceable beauty of hand-cut craftsmanship. The mixing of these important assets enables the Swenson Company to bring excellent quality along with affordability to the marketplace, whether the item is a custom engraved, contoured sign or a rustic hand-chiseled step.  The timeless beauty, appreciating value and affordability of Swenson Granite products make them the premier choice for landscaping, masonry, and construction.

With 7 retail stores located throughout New England from Maine to Connecticut, each store has its own showroom complete with outdoor displays and stock yards. Whether you’re a homeowner with a first time project, or someone who does this every day, our team is here to offer guidance, knowledge and the resources to get it done.




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