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bsr_logo-280x140Specializing in the polish, repair, sealing, cleaning and the overall restoration of marble, granite, terrazzo and other natural stone tile and solid surfaces, our company has been restoring and maintaining marble and natural stone since 2003.

Boston Stone Restoration is New England’s leading granite, marble, and natural stone restoration company. We are trusted by some of the most prestigious institutes in New England to handle the care of historic stone and by home and condo associations where we maintain residential stone.

What does stone restoration mean?
“Stone restoration” is the process of taking a damaged, dirty, stained or worn stone surface and honing or polishing with a series of diamond abrasives of varying grit to hone and resurface the stone. Micro honing removes a layer of stone starting at 1/132” to remove damage and can go progressively deeper as is required then preparing a fresh, polishable surface. The surface is then polished and finished to the owners’ preference.

Depending on the damage, a stone care pro will start with a coarse diamond and move on to a finer, finer and finer grit until a surface is perfectly smooth and prepared for a final finish. The process is akin to sanding down wood with sand paper. When a master carpenter prepares a wood surface for finish, it must be smoothed to silk to prevent the finish, like paint or urethane from showing and exaggerating imperfections.

We can apply many finishes, from glossy, to non-glossy, honed, antiqued, leathered, brushed, satin, or just natural – the finish is nothing if the surface isn’t perfect.


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