Five Stylish Wreaths to Make Right Now

Text by Karin Lidbeck Brent

Editorial stylist, craft guru, and lifestyle expert Karin Lidbeck Brent shares easy-to-make wreaths using store-bought wreath bases.

Wreath making, officially commences the holiday decorating season in my house, and I try to make something different every year. Sure you can easily buy a wreath, but there is a great satisfaction that comes from making it yourself. If making a wreath completely from scratch seems daunting, embellishing a store bought wreath can add a personal touch with little effort. Making the base is the most daunting part of the wreath making process, so turn to a pre-made base and you’re half way there! Craft stores such as Michael’s sell a variety of wreath bases, as does

When it comes to holiday decorating, it starts at the front door, then the rest can follow. Here I transformed the ubiquitous balsam wreath into a stylish design. The secret is in buying two wreaths—one large and one small. Spray the small one with silver spray paint and lay on top of the larger wreath. Weave some of the longer sprigs from the silver wreath into the larger one to give the appearance of one robust wreath. The addition of small red bells attached with a glue gun adds a festive touch.

Balsam and silver wreath

Photo by Joe Keller

Don’t let your wreath-making stop at the front door, using wreaths throughout the house offers many possibilities for decking the halls. Here I bought a plain pre-made 14” moss wreath, added almonds to create florets, then added a red bead in the center to complete the flower. Decorative red twine transformed plain-to-charming in record time.

moss and almond wreath

Photo by Joe Keller for Better Homes and Gardens’ Christmas Ideas magazine

For a natural and modern approach I designed this wreath using a white grapevine wreath as a base, and added twigs collected outside. I simply snapped the twigs into varying lengths and gave them a quick spray with white paint. Next twigs were glued onto the base with a random placement that resulted in a relaxed contemporary look.

contemporary twig wreath

Photo by Joe Keller for Better Homes and Gardens’ Christmas Ideas magazine

Dressing this bare twig wreath for the holiday took no more effort than adding stems of cotton and holly between the branches. The effect is elegant and colorful, and it was created in just minutes.

holly and cotton wreath

Photo by Joe Keller for Better Homes and Gardens’ Christmas Ideas magazine

Who said all wreaths have to be natural? When photographing a mountain cabin for a holiday story I decided a faux fur wreath was needed! Fake furs are abundant in fabric stores. I cut the fur into strips, wrapped them around a Styrofoam base, and voila!

faux fur wreath

Photo by Michael Partenio for Better Homes and Gardens’ Christmas Ideas magazine

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