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Hayes Street
October 1, 2014
Travel seems to be a constant theme in my life and last week it took me to the West Coast to visit some family and to tool around San Francisco.My...
Kathie Chrisicos
September 30, 2014
The allure of living in a high-rise is that your surroundings are always changing. From the subtle morning hues to the deep evening skies, the view...
Petta Thompson
September 29, 2014
By Maria LaPianaYou won’t want to miss the Fall issue of New England Home Connecticut for a lot of reasons; this is just one of them: &ldquo...
whitney bed schoolhouse electric
September 26, 2014
By Cheryl KatzIn 1851 the Swedish singer Jenny Lind made her American debut in a P.T. Barnum production that included a whopping sixty-one stop...
boston design center
September 25, 2014
The Boston Design Center will open its doors next week for Boston Design Market. The BDC will be busy all week, but the majority of the action will...
jill Litner kaplan white kitchen
September 24, 2014
Everyone loves a nice clean white kitchen,” says designer Jill Litner Kaplan. “They are timeless, classic, and forever chic.”...
bedroom with soft colors
September 23, 2014
The clever use of color, whether bold or subtle, is one of the best ways to create a striking and memorable interior.Yet many homeowners stick to...
philippe starck m table
September 22, 2014
By Cheryl KatzThis was the first piece of “real” furniture my husband Jeffrey and I bought. The year was 1987 and the Italian furniture...
dwr bookcase
September 19, 2014
By Maria LaPianaI don’t feel like layering yet, surprisingly, even as the mornings remind us we’re edging from summer into fall. There...
exterior shingle style roxbury ct
September 18, 2014
By Maria LaPianaThere are so many lovely homes in Roxbury, Connecticut, it’s hard to call out any one of them as special, but this one ...