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peabody essex museum
November 7, 2014
By Lynda SimontonIn Plain Sight: Discovering the Furniture of Nathaniel Gould Photo courtesy of the Peabody Essex MuseumRecently discovered...
black venetian plaster walls
November 6, 2014
If these walls could talk—they would be shouting from the rooftops about all of the decorative wall treatment options available today. A good...
seitz vignette
November 4, 2014
By Paula M. BodahPhotograph by John Gould BesslerReaders often compliment the beautiful images on the covers of our magazine, but the photo that...
fall pumpkins
November 3, 2014
By Karin Lidbeck BrentLast week I was working on a photo-shoot creating some new ideas for fall décor, using pumpkins, flowers, and autumn naturals...
green kitchen
October 31, 2014
By Lynda SimontonWhile I get a peek of all the projects featured in the magazine, I really don’t have a feel for how the stories are all...
Stacy Kunstel and Celerie Kemble
October 30, 2014
My world this month has been dominated by the lead up to High Point and the actual High Point Market in North Carolina itself.The lead up was...
Renovated Royal Barry Wills
October 29, 2014
By Maria LaPianaThe engaging house story in the November/December issue of New England Home is, quite literally, a tale of two cities. The couple...
October 28, 2014
The word “giclee” in French has many connotations, but in the art world has come to mean a high-resolution ink-jet print that can be...
living room victoria hagan
October 24, 2014
The fall New England Home Connecticut issue is in mailboxes and newsstands, and it has created quite a buzz. The issue is rich with beautiful homes...
illuminus boston
October 22, 2014
 Orchids may seem exotic, but they are surprisingly easy to grow. In fact, they tend to thrive if they’re not fussed over too much. You...