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Cape Cod Renovation
March 3, 2015
By Karin Lidbeck Brent“Enclaves of comfort”— that’s the motto for our house design and it says it all!  From the...
Pussy Willow Arrangement in Birdbath
February 27, 2015
By Karin Lidbeck BrentI equate pussy willows with spring, and believe it or not, the season starts now since the twigs bear soft fuzzy catkins in...
Jaqueline Becker Fine Arts Consulting Services
February 24, 2015
You’ve taken the plunge, fallen in love with and purchased artwork for your home. Perhaps you already know where it will be sited. But even...
Modern Vermont Home
February 20, 2015
By Maria La PianaTake one couple with a modern sensibility (sadly living in a Colonial-style home), bring in a very accommodating architect and top...
Louis Raymond
February 19, 2015
Oh goody, another snowstorm. Getting outside in the winter can be such a hassle—so there had better be a good reason.As a garden designer, a...
lillian august cafe
February 18, 2015
By Stacy KunstelMy heart goes out to my Boston area friends. The photos on Instagram and Facebook have been nothing less than shocking. I...
Small space living
February 17, 2015
 Did you have a chance to read my recent post about the Tiny House movement? It is all about the joy and freedom that comes when choosing to...
john derian heart paperweight
February 13, 2015
By Lynda SimontonLooking for a Valentine's Day gift that lasts longer than flowers, and doesn't pack on the pounds? Try these sweet and...
Davis Raines Entryway
February 12, 2015
By Paula M. BodahWhether you get lost in a beautiful landscape or prefer to find your own meaning in something more abstract, art is an essential...
Serene bedroom
February 11, 2015
We all deserve a sanctuary, a private world, whether it’s ours alone, or a room we share with a partner. For most of us, that place is our...