A Renovated Condo in Boston’s South End

  The ambitious renovation of this Boston condo in a former school building fittingly uses a book-filled study as...

A Historic Home in Brookline Gets a Fresh Look

The old house was down but not out. For starters, it was in very good company. It sat on...

A Designer’s Suburban Chic Home

Phoebe Lovejoy Russell’s 1920 colonial-style house was chock-full of charm. Situated in one of the leafy suburbs west of...

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On a Historical Note

On a Historical Note

Any home built more than a century ago is likely to have a rich backstory, but the previous life of this stately Back Bay townhouse was more impressive than most. Designed by architects Arthur Rotch and George

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Absolutely Luxurious Bath Accessories

Absolutely Luxurious Bath Accessories

It’s hard to say exactly when the “necessary room” became a necessary luxury, but we’ve been giving our bathrooms the spa treatment for some time. They’re retreats now, rejuvenation rooms, sanctuaries—

A Guide to Historic Home Restoration

A Guide to Historic Home Restoration

If you’ve lived in New England for any period of time, there’s a good chance you’ve had at least a passing thought about restoring an old home. It’s a scenario that’s hard to avoid when a browse through the local real estate

The evocative Moon light

Double Vision: Ben and Aja Blanc

If you live and work together in a creative industry, inspiration can come when you least expect it. Maybe you’re on the back deck coloring with your two daughters when you realize you’ve just sketched an

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Let's Throw a Halloween Party!
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Let’s Throw a Halloween Party!

October 26, 2017

What happens when a stylist and the country’s most celebrated collectors of vintage Halloween pieces get together? A party is planned of course! Karin Lidbeck Brent shares the tricks and treats behind the a magical outdoor