A Contemporary Martha’s Vineyard Retreat Designed by Hutker Architects

The green, rolling hills of Martha’s Vineyard are often overlooked, but they’re every bit as picturesque as the beaches...

Tour a Shingle Style Home with a Contemporary Twist

It’s said that we don’t remember days; we remember moments. The same might be true of houses. It’s not...

Stylishly Restored: Cape Cod’s Amos Otis House

The Amos Otis House, a center-chimney cape, has stood alongside Route 6A—Cape Cod’s Old King’s Highway—in Barnstable since 1745....

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A Storybook Stone Cottage

A Storybook Stone Cottage

If a child immersed in fairytales were to close her eyes and imagine a cottage, it might look just like the one interior designer Patricia Lapierre’s client stumbled upon. Time and nature had only enhanced its

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Coastal Building

Coastal Building

The whiff of seawater in the constant breezes, the play of light on dunes and scrub, the quick-change artistry of the weather on any given day—these are a few of the things that make Cape Cod,

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