An Updated Tudor-Style Home in Wellesley

Revival styles, by definition, are exercises in domestic fantasy—romanticized re-interpretations of the past. The 10,000-square-foot brick-and-stone Tudor in Wellesley,...

A New Hampshire Farmhouse

The family had been summering in southern New Hampshire for years. They came with the kids, with friends and...

Spirited Sophistication in a Weston, Massachusetts Home

Weston, Massachusetts, has more than its share of tony homes. This one, however, a cream-colored, stick-and-shingle abode on a...

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Hot Pink Girl's Room

A Vibrant Family Home

She has modern West Coast sensibilities. He’s a farm guy who loves nature. When a new job prompted a move from their home in rural Rhode Island to the Boston suburb of Sharon,

A Traditional Home with a Twist

A Traditional Home with a Twist

Practice makes perfect. It may be something of a cliché, but it’s also a truism, at least for interior designer Leslie Rylee and designer/builder Dennis Fisher, who have contrived

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carvers' guild

Carvers’ Guild

To get to Carvers’ Guild you drive off a two-lane road in West ­Groton, Massachusetts, a narrow byway meanders down to a cluster of nineteenth-century mill buildings that

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